Design Patterns for Software and Software Business


Papers from Patterns conferences in chronological order. (EuroPLoP conferences are always held in Irsee, Bavaria, Germany.)

VikingPLoP 2007 (Bergen)
EuroPLoP 2007 - more patterns for software companies. These ones focused on product development.
EuroPLoP 2006 - A paper exploring the relationship of patterns to other theories.
EuroPLoP 2006 - Two more business patterns
VikingPLoP (Espoo) 2005 - Some theory and five patterns
EuroPLoP 2005 - Five more business patterns
EuroPLoP 2005 - Report from a focus group examining 'Conways Law'
VikingPLoP 2004 (Uppsala)- Three patterns based on the work of Hamel and Prahalad
EuroPLoP 2004 - Five patterns based on the work of Michael Porter
EuroPLoP 2003 - Software Design pattern (note: this is slightly different to the version published in Pattern Languages of Program Design volume 5).