Presentations by Allan Kelly before 2010

Presentations by Allan Kelly before 2010

IIBA Business Analysis Conference 2009

Brighton Agile Forum

  • May 2009: The Future of Agile

ACCU Conference 2009

BCS Bristol Spring School

March 2009, University of West England

BCS Kingston & Croydon

March 2009, Kingston University: Lean, Constraints, Action!
Kevin Rutherford

XP Day 2008

XP Day Conference 2008 -
Designing the Agile Company (London, December 2008)

BCS SPA London

British Computer Society, Software Practice Advancement group

Oredev conference


British Computer Society, Project Management Special interest Group

BCS Cambridge

Joint event between British Computer Society Cambridge branch, International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) and Cambridge Assessment
Cambridge, April 2008

ACCU 2008, Oxford, England

Managers: What are they Good for?

This was an interactive presentation looking at the, often misunderstood, role of managers:

The Developer, The Customer and Their Requirements

This session was a collaboration with Liz Sedley. It involved a presentation and some group tasks to investigation how requirements are gathered:

SPA 2008 Bedfordshire, England

ACCU Local, Autumn 2007


ACCU 2007 - Exposing Problems / Creating Awareness

This session was part presentation and part workshop in which I acted as a facilitator.

ACCU 2006 - Changing Your Organization

EuroPLoP 2005 - What do we think of Conway's Law now?

Conference at Irsee, German, July 2005.
A focus group discussion on the subject of Conway's Law.

ACCU Conference 2005

ACCU Conference 2004

ACCU Conference 2002

Other presentations


  • Conference Chair for EuroPLoP 2009 at Kloster Iresee. Online EuroPLoP conference proceedings.
  • Software East: Building a Software Business, 22 January 2009
  • Programme Chair for EuroPLoP 2008 at Kloster Iresee, Irsee, Germany
  • BCS SPA Cambridge, January 2008: Panel discussion on 'Architects, who needs them? - and are they overpaid?'