allan kelly

Training & Consulting for Agile

I help companies and team from many different fields make software in a better way. Sometimes I work by giving Agile Development Training, sometimes I work by talking one-on-one or in small groups as an Agile Coach or Agile Constultant.

“As a result of working with Allan our processes have improved, we are more efficient, more creative and our projects are increasing in terms of measurable output. He is highly recommended if you want to develop your programming department to achieve more.”

Toby Parkins, Director, UK NetWeb

Agile Development training

I provide a variety of training courses on Agile software development and Lean/Kanban software development. These courses cover Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming) or Xanpan, my own mix of XP, Scrum and Kanban.

I am London based naturally most Agile Training is in London but I regularly travel across the UK and to Europe. I even occasionally get further afield - in the first half of 2014 I delivered training in Australia and the USA. Most training is deliver onsite at clients premises although I usually deliver a few public courses each year which are open to anyone. These are usually in London.

Most training is delivered at clients own locations. On occasions we have arranged facilities for clients who are short on space or have confidentiality issues.

Most of my courses come with a free follow up day of Agile Constulting to help teams get started. Typically a follow up day might co-incide with the first planning meeting, or the end of the first iteration.

For an up to date list of current courses please see the Software Strategy Ltd. website.


Most of my work is with smaller technically focused companies, e.g. Sullivan Cuff Software Ltd, Research, Instruments, Thunderhead, Science Warehouse, and many others.

I also work with larger technology companies like ARM and Siemens, and technology departments of corporation, like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Merrill-Lynch, Biffa, Budget Group Insurance (including Compare the Market), and Fugro Intersite and other companies in the Fugro group. Some of the larger companies have had multiple runs of the same course, e.g. Fugro have had over a dozen deliveries of the Agile Foundations in the UK, Holland, Norway, Australia and the USA.

You can email me directly or via my company Software Strategy Ltd..