Agile Business Analysis Training

Agile Business Analysis Training

A 2-day workshop with exercises.

This course sets out to answer the question "What does a BA done on an Agile team?" and equip analysts to work in an Agile team. As well as setting out the standard Agile approach the course explains some of the differences in the way Agile is implemented.

The focus is on how the BA can add value to a team through requirements and specifications and how this might differ from more traditional ways of working.

A mixture of presentation and exercises is used to explain concepts and allow attendees to rehearse Agile working.

Key topics

  • Creating requirements in an Agile environment

  • Writing User Stories and managing backlogs

  • Common Agile team practices

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily intended for those under taking business analysts within an Agile team. In addition to Business Analysts related roles such as Business Partner, Solution Architect and Product Manager will find this course highly valuable.

Managers and leaders in all roles will appreciate the extended version of the course which allows for more discussion of managing Agile routines (stand-up meetings and retrospectives), team roles, tracking, forecasting and expectations management.

This course is offered in partnership with Learning Connexions. For more information please contact myself or Learning Connexions.