Agile training for teams

Agile development training for teams

A 2-day workshop with exercises for teams

This introduction course provides a practical introduction to Agile software development and Scrum routines, several classroom exercises give teams a chance to rehearse Agile working during the course.

The aim of this course is to bring software development teams to a state where they can start implementing Agile working as soon as the course is over. Experience shows that taking a whole team approach improves the adoption of Agile development. As such programmers, testers, analysts/product managers/owners and others who work in and with the team are encoiuraged to participate.

The course teaches the concepts of short delivery cycles, working with changing requirements and empirical process control. By the end of the course attendees will have decided what Agile practices they wish to adopt.

Multiple group exercises are used to simualate Agile working and foster understanding and teamwork.

This is my most popular course and has been delivered throughout the UK and as far afield as Australia. Clients include: Virgin Atlantic Airways and Siemens power (USA).

Most clients choose to have training delivered on site at a time that best suits the team. If requested we can provide venues.

For more information or to discuss booking please email me directly or via my company Software Strategy Ltd..

Course includes

  • Free consulting day

  • Printed notes

  • Further reading: An Agile Reader

  • Planning poker cards

  • Retrospective Dialogue Sheets

Prices are always quoted inclusive of all expenses.