Agile for Startups

Agile for Startups

A special version of our Agile Introduction course tailored for start-up and early stage technology companies. The aim of this course is to move a team from their starting position into a highly effective agile team making regular software deliveries and updates.

Special attention is paid to topics important to start-ups. These include:

  • Scheduling urgent and unplanned work
  • Dealing with customer special requests
  • The product owner role in the smaller team
  • Managing the quality/time trade-off
  • Accelerating agile adoption
  • Validating customer needs
  • Adopting Lean Start-up in the development environment

In addition to the two-day introduction course this package includes:

  • Additional day on working with requirements, backlogs and user stories for product owners, managers and appropriate technical staff.
  • Two free follows days of consulting

The additional backlogs workshop is normally taken a few weeks after the initial course and the free consulting days can be used anytime within 3-months. Typically these days are used to talk about implementation, progress, obstacles and opportunities with teams and the team leaders, and to examine the backlog with product team.

This courses covers all the standard agile practices and processes including:

  • Working in short iterations
  • Using visual tracking tools
  • Daily stand-up meetings
  • Estimating work effort and value
  • Routines and ceremonies of short iterations, planing meetings, retrospectives, etc.
  • Technical practices
  • Forecasting and tracking work and schedules

Course includes

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