About me

I am a Software Business Consultant based in London. My focus is on the business side of the software development. To do this often means addressing the technical side, I am fortunate to have a number of very talented associates who help with specific technologies.

I started my career coding (Pascal, C++, C, Java), after a sojourn in Silicon Valley I returned to London and realised I could fix the code problems. The more significant problems were what we were building and how we were building. That led me to an MBA, Patterns, Product Management, Agile and writing two books.

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Agile Reader 3rd edition now available: printed Agile Reader from Lulu and ebook Agile Reader from LeanPub

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Business Patterns for Software Developers micro-site

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Webinar record of Agile Basics is now available on YouTube.

What I do

I am the founder of Software Strategy Ltd which offers:

For more information see the Software Strategy training pages.

I specialise in helping companies that produce software to sell or to provide a business service. Typically my clients are companies in the ISV or SaaS space but I also work with corporate IT departments on occasion.

Past clients have included: Virgin Atlantic Airways, Merrill Lynch, lastminute.com (part of Sabre Tavelocity), BBC, Fugro, Thompson-Reuters and many others - a longer client list with case studies can be found on the
Software Strategy web-site.

Public Agile training courses with open enrolment are offered in conjunction with
Skills Matter (in the UK), Develop Mentor (in the UK and USA), and Developer Focus and Program Utvikling (in the UK and Norway).

Events & Speaking engagements

I am a regular conference speaker and a list of
past and future events is on this page.


I have written extensively on:
Agile Software Development, Software Development Management, Design Patterns and the technical aspects of software development; and I am the creator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.

I have written two full books:

Encapsulated Context design pattern was included in Pattern Languages of Program Design (volume 5).

More writing on
software design and software development management of software teams, and Agile software development. Also allan's blog is here.

A full list of
public training courses in Agile and Lean is available on the Software Strategy site.

History, Education and awards

I hold a BSc degree in Combined Science (Computing) from Leicester University and an MBA at Nottingham University Business School - I was awarded the
Best Overall Student prize in my MBA class.

Earlier in my career I was an software engineer specialising in C++ on Unix and Windows. During this time I worked for companies in the UK and California including: Reuters, Southern Electric PLC, BZW bank, Sema Group (Railtrack A-Plan) and others.

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  • I am a recognised Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP).
  • I qualified as a PRINCE 2 Practitioner Project Manager in 2008 but have never renewed my status (I have never used it in anger and disagree with much of it).
  • I completed Product Manager training with Pragmatic Marketing in 2005 and spent several years working as a product manager.
  • I am an active member of the ACCU and Hillside Europe (the organisers of the EuroPLoP Patterns conference).
  • I have twice been honoured with the Neil Harrison Shepherding Award, at EuroPLoP 2005 and VikingPLoP 2007.

Other things and links


e-mail me at allan@allankelly.net or follow me on Twitter, @allankelly.net.