Agile Allan Kelly

"Agile" Allan Kelly

I make digital development teams more effective and enhance delivery with agile approaches to reduce delay and risk while enhancing value.

I've been called a Thought Leader but clients have a habit of calling me Agile Allan. Once upon a time I was a programmer, now I keep my programming hand in but I spend most of my time with team and managers, looking at processes and helping decide what the right thing is.

Right now I'm probably best known for my work on Continuous Digital: the agile alternative to projects - formerly known as #NoProjects.

I work flexible with a number of companies through my company Software Strategy Ltd providing Agile training, Agile coaching/consultancy and more general business advice for digital companies.

This is my personal site where you can find a little information about my Agile Development Training Courses and Agile Coaching/Agile Consulting. For more details on Agile Training and Agile Consulting/Coaching see my company website, Software Strategy.


Business Patterns for Software Developers micro-site

Also.... Agile Reader is a mini-book intended for attendees on Software Strategy training courses. It is not in its 3rd edition and is available in printed or e-book formats

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