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"Agile" Allan Kelly

I am a Software Consultant based in London specialising in Agile approaches to software and business - including continuous delivery, lean and digital. My focus is on the business side of the software development - process and needs. To do this often means addressing the technical side, I am fortunate to have a number of very talented associates who help with specific technologies.

I've been called a Thought Leader but clients have a habit of calling me Agile Allan.

I work flexible with a number of companies through my company Software Strategy Ltd. In addition to giving Agile training I provide Agile coaching/consultancy and more general business advice for digital companies.

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This is my personal site where you can find a little information about my Agile Development Training Courses and Agile Coaching/Agile Consulting. For more details on Agile Training and Agile Consulting/Coaching see my company website, Software Strategy.


Business Patterns for Software Developers micro-site

Also.... Agile Reader is a mini-book intended for attendees on Software Strategy training courses. It is not in its 3rd edition and is available in printed or e-book formats

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