What I do: Agile consulting and training

What I do

  • Write books
  • Deliver training (usually about Agile)
  • Give advice on software development (as a consultant or coach)
  • Review existing development teams (health checks)

I am the author of FOUR books,
Changing Software Development, Business Patterns for Software Developers, Xanpan: Team Centric Agile Software Development and Little Book of Requirements and User Stories. A fifth book, Continuous Digital: the agile alternative to projects is currently available in draft. I am also the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.

When I am not writing (which is actually most of the time!) I provide training and consulting services for software creating companies. I advise companies on how to go about developing software, I do this at the business level, the requirements level and at the process level - I used to program but not any more.

Through my company, Software Strategy I offer:

My preferred way of working is "light touch": I visit your team, we talk, maybe hold a training session, and I leave you to try it. Then I come back a few weeks later to take stock of what happened. How often I visit depends on how big many teams there are and how big they are. Sometimes even a light-touch can mean regular visits.

I specialise in helping companies that produce software to sell or to provide a business service. Typically my clients are companies in the ISV or SaaS space but I also work with corporate IT departments.

Past clients have included: Bank of England, Siemens, ARM, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Merrill Lynch, lastminute.com (part of Sabre Tavelocity), BBC, Fugro, Thompson-Reuters, CapGemini and many others - a longer client list with case studies can be found on the
Software Strategy web-site.

I am perhaps best know for my work in Cornwall, the
Cornish Agile Programme ("Cornish Software Mines.") Although I live in London during 2010 and 2011 I worked with approximately 16 Cornish software technology companies to help them adopt Agile development approaches. Although this programme has now ended I continue to be involved with Cornwall as one of the organisers of the Agile on the Beach conference.

Public Agile training courses with open enrolment are offered in conjunction with
Learning Connexions.